I am an independent and collaborative artist. For more than forty years I have been a painter and printmaker. I see my independent work as a visual contemplation of transitional moments in one’s life; as introspective landscapes exploring the power of form and color.

Although I dislike labels, my work is informed in part by being Latino-American. All of my grandparents came here from Mexico as migrant workers, but as a third generation Latino-American, it also reflects my interests in a broad spectrum of diverse aesthetic possibilities. 

I gravitate towards work that asks more questions than provides answers. The idea that Pablo Neruda inquires about in his Book of Questions is something I would like my work to live up to. We as humans find comfort in thinking we understand our world.  In reality, what we know is minimal relative to the vastness of our universe.  I believe that we have moments we are given to understand our world differently. Many of us ignore these experiences because they make us feel uncomfortable. 

It is important for me to share those moments through my artwork, through my introspective landscapes.